Increase your shoulder turn in 5 minutes!! (part 2)

In the last Golf Mobility WOD Blog post you learned the “Open the Book” exercises and how to test your shoulder turn. Once again before you read this article, go through the shoulder turn test to measure your turn. The exercise that we will go through today is called the Pretzel Stretch. It has its similarities to the Open the Book exercise but I feel it works even better. Here is how you setup for the exercise.


  1. Pretzel Stretch-

Lie on the ground, on your right side in the fetal position. Straighten your right leg,take your right hand and hold your left leg down on the ground (See picture). Then take your left hand T-Spine Stretch golf golfand pit it under your ribs. From here, grab you ribs, hold that left leg down and begin turn your shoulders to the left. When doing the turn remember to breath, hat will help release those muscles to increase the flexibility of the   thoracic spine. Perform this exercise on both sides, at least 5-10 times. Once you have completed the exercises go retest to see if your turn has improved.

Stay tuned to the Golf Mobility WOD blog for the final exercise to improve your shoulder turn. The final exercise will help you maintain the stretch and the flexibility you’ve gained by giving you a functional exercise that correlates with the golf swing. Don’t miss it!