Increase your shoulder turn in 5 minutes!! (part 3)

The last Golf Blog articles, you learned two new exercises, the “open the book” and the “pretzel” stretch. Now it’s time to add on a functional exercise to help your body maintain its new found mobility. Once again, make sure that you test and re-test. Hopefully, you have been faithfully performing the exercises and you now notice a new ROM. The final exercise is very simple, it’s a lunge and twist. This exercise helps in many ways! It teaches balance, increases leg strength/stability and it will help your trunk (CORE) maintain its new found range of motion (ROM).



  1. Lunge and Twist

    Standing tall, hold a weight in front of you. Holding the weight in front your chest, step into a lunge with your right leg. As you step into your lunge, twist with your trunk and /twist the weight over right leg. (see picture) Perform this exercise alternating legs, and to make it harder do it in reverse lunge(stepping backwards). Begin by performing 3 sets of 5-6 repetitions and then amp up the sets and reps to make it harder.