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This program was created for juniors who desire to play in tournaments and to be the best they can be. The program is unique because we plan our tournaments as a team for the next few months. We set individual goals, and we practice hard together to surpass those goals. We cover will cover much more than just the swing. Midset, pre tournament prep, how to properly prepare during a practice round are just a few attributes of the program.


  • Tournament Scheduling and Plan
  • Training for specific age divisions
  • Small class size- 4 max
  • Practice rounds with your Coach
  • Tournament Prep and Stat Tracking
  • Individual Lessons

Tournament Planning

Once a Month we will all meet and go over tournaments that we will be playing in over the next month. Discuss how to prepare for those events, go over past tournaments and create a practice plan to help each juniors be the most prepared junior at that tournament.


Elite 1 is for juniors between the ages 9-11. These juniors want to play in bigger tournaments and want to eventually compete in High School Golf.


Elite 2 has been created for juniors 12-14 who are going to play on the High School golf team in the next few years and they want to compete at a high level in tournaments around the state and nation.

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