Fix Your Tight Hamstrings To Play Better Golf

Tight Hamstrings and Golf

This weeks Golf  blog is on how to fix tight hamstrings. Tight Hamstrings can lead to back pain, loss of golf posture, bad golf postures ( C-Posture or rounded back). Flexible hamstrings are crucial to play your best golf and can help reduce any back pain caused by tight hamstrings. To determine if you have tight hamstrings try this:

  1. Stand up straight and lock your legs
  2. Begin to bend from your hips, and maintain locked leg
  3. Try to touch your toes, without bending your knees.

If you can place your palms or your knuckles on the ground, you probably don’t have hamstring problems. If you can touch the ground with your finger tips there is room for improvement. Now, if your hands are nowhere close to the ground this article is for you.  


 – Hamstring stretch/activation-

The hamstring test that you just performed also doubles as a hamstring stretch. There are however much more effective ways to stretch your hamstrings. One of the most effective ways to stretch your hamstrings involves a towel and a dowel or some sort of slight step or lift (phone book). You are going to perform this stretch using 3 foot positions. You will start with your feet flat on the ground, then toes lifted and lastly heels lifted. Try to do at least 1 to 2 sets of 10 reps from each position. To perform the stretches correctly follow these steps (Flat footed first, then toes up…).

  1. Place a towel between your legs or inner thighs. By squeezing the ball you are relaxing the muscles that can inhibit your stretch. This simple squeeze will help you increase your stretch.
  2. Hands high, begin to bend from your hip. Try to keep legs straight for the best results.
  3. As you bend from your hips, lower your hands and push your putt backwards. Image a wall one foot behind you, and try to push your butt into that wall.
  4. Finally, reach for ground.
  5. Slowly stand back up, doing the same moves in reverse.


Perform this stretch as a few times a day and you will see great results!