Internal and External Hip Rotation-Early Extension

Every Golfer knows that hip rotation is important in golf. What most golfers don’t realize is that they probably can’t produce proper hip rotation due to age, flexibility or it can simply be a motor function that was never really learned. In this Golf Mobility WOD blog, we are going to first test your hip rotation and then we will cover what proper hip rotation looks like. Once those topics are understood, the next few articles will be full of exercises on how to fix your hips!

Internal Hip Tests-

  1. Lying face down on the floor, flex your knees to a 90’ angle and try to rotate your feet out or away from each other. You should be able to have at least a 45’ rotation with each leg. (see picture)
  2. Again laying on the ground, this time face up, pull your knees towards your chest so that your knees are vertical and legs are at a 90’ angle. From that position, place a small ball or your fists between your legs and then try to rotate your feet away from each other. You should be able to turn them out at lest to a 45 degree angle. (See Picture)


internal hip testDon’t worry if you see no rotation or very limited rotation. Men especially will struggle with this motion. Women have open hips and they will get a greater ROM.  Internal hip rotation is crucial for golf. If you lack this movement you will have a hard time getting onto your right side properly! Your impact will be very inconsistent and this limited movement will lead to early extension in most golfers. Early extension = tops, blocks, hooks…bad shots!


External hip rotation-

  1. External hip rotation is much easier for most men and women. The reason being, most people walk with their toes pointed or with open feet. This way of walking encourages external hip rotation and discourages internal hip rotation.                                 Here is the test. Sitting in a chair, let your feet hang straight down. From that position, simply take your right leg and cross it over your left. Your thigh should lay almost parallel to the ground. Be sure to test both sides. (See Picture)


True Hip Rotation-

  1. Now that we have tested both internal and external hip rotation, let’s teach you what proper hip rotation feels like. In front of a mirror, standing tall with your feet together, try to rotate your hips in an oval pattern while keeping your chest still. Your hips should feel like they are rolling in a barrel, not bumping back and forth. Check out this video for more support.


Now that you have tested your hips and you know what true hip rotation feels like stay tuned for exercises that will help you fix your hips problems and put an end to that early extension move(aka- Standing up).  If you have any questions, feel free to write me back on this blog page and I’ll do my best to answer any questions.