My Takeaway- How I Seeked Advice from Brian Manzella

Recently, I had the privilege of consulting with Brian Manzella, a renowned golf instructor ranked among the top 50 in America. Struggling with ball striking, I sought his expertise, and one of the first areas he honed in on was my takeaway. Overcoming years of frustration, Brian’s guidance transformed my takeaway, leading to significant improvements in my ball striking.

You can watch the video here or keep on reading:

Understanding the Wrist Angle

Following Brian’s advice, I delved into refining my takeaway, but another challenge surfaced: determining the optimal wrist angle. With my previous pushy takeaway, the club often ended up too flat. Through experimentation and observation of PGA players, I uncovered a crucial insight: the ideal wrist angle at position three, when the arm is parallel to the ground, falls around 31 to 32 degrees. This angle varies slightly depending on the club length, with drivers typically around 42 degrees.

Putting Theory into Practice

To illustrate, I demonstrated a swing, emphasizing the correct wrist angle. Although it may feel exaggerated, ensuring the club stands up correctly at position three is key. One helpful technique is to visualize the angle by bending the right arm in front of you, noting how the club lays down slightly. Practice maintaining this angle throughout the takeaway, ensuring a smooth transition into the backswing. I encourage you to watch the demonstrated swing here


Mastering the golf swing involves meticulous attention to detail, from the takeaway to wrist angles and beyond. By dissecting each element and seeking guidance, golfers can overcome challenges and unlock their true potential on the course. So, whether you’re struggling with consistency or striving for perfection, remember: every swing is an opportunity to refine your technique and elevate your game.