Mastering the Top of Your Golf Backswing for a Perfect Swing

When we look at elite golfers, there are two positions at the top of their backswing that they all have in common. Today, we’re going to dive into these two crucial positions, what they should look like, and how to avoid common flaws that can sneak into your swing without you even realizing it. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just getting started, this blog post will help you refine your backswing for a more precise and consistent swing.

You can watch the video here or keep on reading:

Position 1: What Your Arms Should Be Doing

The first position we’re going to discuss is what your arms should be doing at the top of your backswing. You can practice this at home to get a feel for it. Stand straight up and down, then take your right arm up, allowing it to move back just a little bit. This motion represents the first part of your backswing. Now, bring your left arm across your body. This is the top of your backswing. The only thing that changes from here is that you bend at your golf posture and rotate. It’s that simple!

Position 2: Common Flaws to Avoid

  1. Pushing the Lead Arm Across: One common flaw is pushing the lead arm (left arm for right-handed golfers) across the body. When this happens, everything ends up at different angles, making your swing inconsistent. Keep your lead arm from going too far across your chest.
  2. The Right Arm Elbow: Another issue arises when the right arm’s elbow goes from pointing down to pointing out. This can cause the club to get off the right path, making it challenging to maintain consistency. Try to keep that right elbow in the correct position.

Wrist Position: The Key to a Square Club Face

  1. Right Hand: Your right hand should have a slight angle to it at the top of your backswing. If it’s too flat, the club face will be open, and if it’s too bowed, the face will be closed. Finding the right balance here is essential.
  2. Left Hand: Your left hand should look flat when viewed face on, with the glove appearing to look right at you. This ensures a square club face. Avoid having your left wrist at an angle or too cupped.

Perfecting Your Swing with Pro Examples

Let’s take a look at a professional golfer, Nelly Corda, to see these principles in action. Her swing demonstrates the correct positions for the arms and wrists. Notice how her right hand has the right amount of angle, and her left hand remains flat and square, resulting in a consistent and stable club face throughout her swing.

Putting It All Together

Now, let’s put it all together. Start with our simple move to find the top of the golf swing. Check your arm positions, wrist angles, and club face alignment. These positions will make it much easier for you to deliver a consistent, square club face at impact.

Remember, elite golfers share these fundamentals, with some variations in wrist angles depending on the player. Jordan Spieth and Dustin Johnson, for instance, have more bow in their left hand, while others may have a slight cup. The key is to find the right balance for your swing while maintaining the core principles we’ve discussed.

In conclusion, mastering the top of your golf backswing is a crucial step in achieving a consistent and powerful swing. By understanding and practicing these fundamental positions, you can improve your golf game and enjoy more accurate shots on the course. So, the next time you’re out on the links, keep these tips in mind and watch your swing transform into one that mirrors the pros.