hook or slice, fix your golf swing

Club Face – Fix Your Slice or Hook

Have you ever struggled with hitting the ball straight? I certainly have, and today I’m sharing some crucial lessons about the club face that could have saved me years of frustration.

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About a decade ago, I qualified for the Colorado Open, and while I was playing well, I didn’t fully understand the importance of the club face. The tournament started promisingly with a solid first hole, but things quickly took a turn. My shots veered right, and I mistakenly attributed it to a faulty swing path rather than focusing on the real culprit—the club face.

Let’s break down the critical elements you need to know about the club face and how it impacts your shots.

The Grip: Foundation for Control

The first step is ensuring a proper grip. For a right-handed golfer, a two-knuckle visibility and a V pointing to the right shoulder indicate a neutral grip. Make sure your grip supports the clubface, with the back three fingers providing stability. Avoid gripping too strongly or weakly, as this directly affects the face’s control.

Ball Flight Analysis

Understanding your ball flight is crucial. If your shots start straight and then draw left, it suggests a closed club face. On the other hand, if the ball starts a little to the right and returns to the middle, your path might be good, but the face is closed. Analyzing these patterns helps you identify the adjustments needed.

Fixing Common Misses

  • Draws (Ball Starts Straight, Then Draws Left): Focus on weakening your grip or reducing the left hand’s bowing during impact.
  • Fades (Ball Starts Left, Cuts Back to the Middle): Consider strengthening your grip or promoting a slightly more closed face at impact.
  • Slices (Excessive Rightward Ball Flight): Work on closing the club face, especially with longer clubs, and aim to control the face consistently.

Club Face Management

Remember, the club face primarily determines your starting line. If you can control it effectively, you gain more freedom to work on your swing path. Utilize technology like TrackMan to understand your club face tendencies, or seek guidance from a professional for personalized lessons.

Mastering the club face is the key to hitting the ball where you want it to go. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, developing this skill will significantly improve your overall golf game. So, pay attention to your starting line, and let’s get those shots on target!