Best golf aids for 2020

There are 1000’s of golf aids allover the internet! I love and and also hate golf aids. Some aids are great and can really help players feel the correct move. However, lots of aids are just junk and do nothing. Here is the list for 2 in each category, full swing, chipping, putting, impact and tempo.

Full Swing Golf Aids

  1. G Box
  2. Plane Mate


  1. Golf In Sync Swing Trainer 


  1. Blast Motion Golf
  2. Visio Golf- Mi Putting Template


  1. Dr. Gary Wiren Impact Bag 
  2. Tout Striker Iron


  1. Orange Whip
  2. Gforce Swing Trainer 7 Iron

When it comes to using an aid make sure that you don’t become dependent on the aid to feel the correct move. Use it for a little but then try to re create the move. If all you do is use the aid then you will see very limited improvement. Play well!