Axis Tilt- Fix Your Slice

Posture is the foundation to every good, great and bad golf swing. Golf can be a very complex game, however golf posture can be easily obtained and should be. In today’s article, I’m going to cover one aspect of golf posture, Axis Tilt. There are hundreds of articles on spine angles and how to maintain those angles, but there is not much written on Axis Tilt. What is Axis Tilt? Very simply, Axis Tilt is taking your spine angle in your setup and tilting it away from the target.  This angle is crucial to keep throughout your swing. If you can maintain the tilt, you will turn better, eliminate or at least decrease a slice, hook, and other many other bad golf shots.

To find your Axis Tilt perform these steps-

1- Stand straight up, feet should be HIP distance apart.

2-Bend from your hips and keep your chest up.

3- At this point you should be in golf posture with your spine straight up and down.

4- Now, keep your weight 50/50 and slightly bump your hips towards the target.

5- If done correctly your entire spinal column should have tilted away from the target and you will look like this.

Axis Tilt


How does your Axis Tilt or spine move in the Golf swing?

The next big question is how does the Axis Tilt or spine move during the golf swing? Below is a picture of Paul Casey. You can see the original Axis tilt he has in his setup. Then in each of the following pictures you will notice that the Axis Tilt is does change, but it always stays tilted away from the target.

Secondary Axis Tilt

Why do I Slice?

Golfers who slice can have multiple issues that cause them to slice.  What you want to do is start eliminating those issues. First, you need to learn to have Axis Tilt in your golf posture. Second, all you slicers out there need to understand that you need to work on maintaining Axis Tilt throughout your swing. Most of the time golfers who slice at impact look like this. Their spine is tilted towards the target at impact, and that indicates that their swing is over the top or steep and they most likely sliced it.

What’s NEXT?-

To fix your slice learn to get into Axis Tilt at address and maintain that tilt throughout your swing! Good Luck!