Discount Golf? It does exist!

Everyday there are more and more opportunities to play cheaper Golf! I just wanted to take a second and and quickly inform my readers how you can take advantage of these lower discounted rates.

Here are 3 great  sources to check before you book with the course itself:

1. The course website- Most of the time the course you choose to play will offer the lowest rates on their own website. Check that first!

2.  Golf Now- Leads the industry in online bookings.

3. Groupon and Living Social- You can save the most if you can find a Groupon or Living Social deal. However,  most of the time the typical course will not be offered. Its a hit and miss!

While we are on the topic of discount golf,  you can also use the internet to find great golf instructors and sometimes get great deals. The problems is, how do you know if the instructor is good?

Here are 4 ways to check-

1. Website– Check to see if they have a website. A good instructor will have information about how they teach.  You will also be able to see their certifications and maybe testimonials.

2. Yelp and Google reviews- See if others have enjoyed their experience.

3. Youtube– Watch their lessons, see if you like how they explain the golf swing.

4. Thumbtack- You can use Thumbtack for more than just golf. With Thumbtack you can get quotes from competing businesses. All you have to do is choose your location and what you want then businesses will send you quotes on prices. With Thumbtack,  businesses are trying to earn your business, instead of the other way around.