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The ladies golf programs at Palm Valley can help all levels of ladies golfers to improve in every aspect of the game. The program begins from 100 yards and in. Once they can shoot 39 from that distance they move to 150. From 150 yards out, the program introduces full swing mechanics and short game is still a focus. Again, once they can shoot 39 from that yardage they move to 200 yards. From  level 3 or 200 year the program become about speed and distance training.  This process continues till we reach our normal tee location. 

Yardage Levels

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Pathway to Level Advancements

In order to advance to Level 2,3 and 4 Ladies will need to play in the ladies on course events. To advance players are required to shoot a 39 or better for 9 holes starting at 100 yards.There will be 2 events a month and they will take place on Mondays at 2:00. Dates TBD

The Ladies Tour is 6 events in length and is based on a points scale. The winner of the season will receive a massage at the local Massage Envy. 

Pricing Options
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Program Benefits

  •  Small Team Coaching Environment (6:1) & (4:1 as Levels Improve)
  • Monthly Tour Events
  • Personalized Practice Plans
  • Swing Development
  • Video Analysis During Practices
  • Longer Drivers and lower scores

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