This 6 week training program starts with mind! The Mental Mastery program is designed to help competitive HS golfers transform their mental game to that of a PGA tour player. We won’t work much on the swing during the 6 weeks, that’s why I built 2-30 minute lessons in to the program. We will learn how to visualize, to focus, how to control our emotions both (pre/post) shot, techniques to overcome mental obstacles, and to create pre shot routines and practice plans that can withstand the pressure of competitive golf.
The 6 week program Includes:
3-9 Hole on course lessons (6 hours)
• 3-1.5 Hour mental training /range lessons (4.5 Hours)
• 2- 30 min Individual lessons (1 Hour)

You will spend just over 10 hours training with me during the 6 weeks. However, at home you will be expected to spend 2-4 hours each week practicing the new mental techniques. Each week you will also be given homework and time sheets to fill out. Your success in this program is dependent on your ability to spend quality time working on the mental aspects that we so often ignore.
Guarantee- By the end of the 6 weeks, you will be mentally tough! Ready for all situations and your scores will drop and you will be more consistent.
Staring date- May 21st (every Saturday for 6 weeks) End Date- June 25th


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Program Starting May 21st
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