When you sign up with Edufii, all your video’s, notes, suggested drills from your lessons with Danford Golf will  be saved in your own personal profile locker. This will allow you track your swing changes, go back and look at past notes, drills and more. You can even join other professionals that you might be working with.  Edufii is used all around the world and is the best tool for coaches and athletes to connect!

Edufii World

Invitation to join, then follow these steps to creating your own Edufii account with Danford Golf Instruction.

1- Select the login picture above.

2-In the right hand corner select “sign up”

3- Fill in the form and select, Athlete

4- From there you will start to create your own ”trainingSpace” where Jared can post notes and video’s.

5-Select Jared as your coach and then within a few days of your of  lesson all your notes, videos will be loaded and ready for you to view.